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Website Challenges

Our Work: Global FingerPrinting Calgary

We started SEO and digital marketing job for Global FingerPrinting Calgary. The site did not optimize when we started project. After 3 months, the major keywords are in the first page of google. The main keyword is Calgary Fingerprint, or Fingerprinting Calgary. We can see website in in 1st page in google. The client is getting 10-15 calls a week. The conversation rate is 60% plus.

  • Keyword: Fingerprint Calgary
  • Keyword: Calgary Finger Printing
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The keywords like Calgary Fingerprinting website is in first page of google pages.

  • The client is getting 10-15 call in a week for jobs
  • Business Growth rate is 60%.
  • The customer is happy with SEO and Digital Marketing Works
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+2.64% sessions
+25.47% pageviews
+22.23% pages per session
+22.23% growth in sales
0% bounce rate
+12.35% average session duration

SEO Case Studies

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