Why do you need to attend a digital marketing course today?

Digital Marketing Category Why do you need to attend a digital marketing course today?

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By now, you must have heard that aside from college debt/ student loans that affect most graduate, the next burdensome factor for most college students in landing a job.
However, if you are following the online scene closely, whether as a social media influencer or not, the digital space is changing, and digital marketing skills are on-demand all the way from the Canada to United States to Japan or anywhere in the world.
Quite frankly, if you are a college student and have not considered a job or course in digital marketing, you might lose out in the best jobs, opportunities, better salaries, and a marvelous life and future for yourself and others.
Digital marketing job markets are booming so widely that brands are insisting on potential employees to have a certification/diploma in digital marketing skills. This will give you the opportunity of grow and pursue the job or careers of your dreams.
If you are deciding which course to go for or thinking of updating your CV, we have a complete guide and insight to enable you to find your way through the digital tides, and we guarantee that with certification on any digital marketing course, you have a job waiting for you in any market.
So, what is digital marketing?
Digital marketing is what it is – marketing online or using online platforms as your market space, but why is so much emphasis placed on digital marketing? Do you know that from North America to Asia, down to Australia, and the UAE, we have over 3.3 billion smartphone users with more people closing and buying deals online than in a traditional market?

The numbers above signify how booming the digital ecosystem is, and with that said, it is the best way to build your brand, create awareness, engage with clients, buy into a deal, and close deals that will change your life and business.
Digital marketing is a flexible and versatile online marketplace that demands specific skills to be able to make it successful.

So what skills are in demand and how do you go about it?
Digital marketing covers almost every facet of marketing in the world, hence making it the most viable for a host of career and job options now and in the future. Some digital marketing skills in demand are:

 Google Off-page/On-page
 Google Analytics
 Social media marketing
 Web designer
 Search Engine Optimization
 Emails and blogs
 Video and content production
 Lead generation
 Digital advertising and brand marketing
 Content Strategy and many more

However, if you are a college student, or graduate looking to start a digital marketing course, you might want to look into the following Search Engine optimization – with Google in control of almost all online property, a good understanding of the importance of SEO will enable you to create excellent campaign strategies that will boost your brand online the right way.
Video and visual content production – studies show that 72 percent of people prefer videos than reading a text online, while content was king, video is king now. With that said, having a video message online of your brand or self increases better understanding, improve brand interaction and move your brand beyond the text limit. So if you are good at create good visuals like animations, short videos or know how to put a good video together for advertising, then you have just found yourself a job.
Content Marketing - regardless of the method employed in digital marketing, only good content will sell it. Content marketing is a fundamental aspect of digital marketing that engages and interacts with people. It covers all areas of marketing including, analyzing a market, producing content that will attract and keep customers.
Analytics – this involves tracking information online to enable you to find out which is the right one suitable for the marketing campaign to generate leads and traffic to your brand and business.

The Cost of Digital Marketing courses
Digital marketing courses run from a couple of weeks to several years. The chosen field determines the price tag. Values range from below $1000 to tens of thousands of dollars. Why should you take up a course in digital marketing?
It is a field in demand – marketers and companies are looking for young intellectual minds that are ready to take on the digital space without fear or prejudice. Check the most in-demand skills before you take up a course Get better job opportunities with mouth-watering offers – as the world continues to be digitalized, corporate organizations are seeking digital professionals with the right skills in all areas including, tech companies like Google, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, and many more. Has better retention chance in a company – with digital skills been the basis for employment, young people like you with experiences in any digital marketing get retained but are privileged to also improve their skills to the benefit of the companies and themselves? Live the life of your dreams – digital marketing skills will make you more flexible, versatile, social and smarter as you are always in tune with the latest happenings in the world and abreast of all situations to enable you to be better at your job.
The demand for digital marketing experience is just budding, and with room for improvement and expansion, the ecosystem allows for newbie and educators to stamp their mark through various courses and positions available on the market.
If you are looking to kickstart your career, experience consistent growth either in a job or as a career, digital marketing skills are a must for everyone. .

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Kamal Bhattarai, MS IT, MBA PM
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Instructor, Digital Marketing, ABM College

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